Friday, August 14, 2009

Are Gods Ancient Aliens ?

I Recently watched a video " Ancient Aliens " the title was so very different it got me interested . From the title i thought it would be like sightings of Aliens in Prehistoric age. It gave different idea about aliens, the video was based on book written by " Erich Von Daniken " titled " Chariots of Gods " . He explains that our ancestors might have seen aliens and they called them gods. He explains his theories with evidences of Huge drawings on rocks which are dated thousands of years & are only visible to a person when he is on air. He explains that those might be made to attract gods (aliens) to earth. Also the video showed a mountain which is flat at the top & has straight lines on them. They end abrupt & they look like some kind of an runway for planes. Video also gives an idea of peoples thinking in ancient times by an example.

The video shows the architectural works of ancient times and compares with there similarities. It also showed a map which has Antarctica which wasn't discovered by then. It showed evidence of machining in that age, yes you heard it right they might have used machines in their architecture. They were so accurate. They might even have come up with battery to light inside the pyramids it explains. Also the video has inputs from various other authors. One of them said that " World has been destroyed 4 times already".

The video was very interesting and thoughtful. Also he never gives conclusions to stuffs that have no evidence but asks questions which are good to believe. It got me so interested that I am looking for that book. It has also Prompted me to write my first blog.